DaftSex Website

Well, first of all, the Daftsex home page loads 40 videos right away, instead of having a next page button, you see an option to show more and then 40 more videos are loaded.
With a few clicks on “show more” you can see the size of the site you are on. There are many Daftsex videos uploaded daily. We also can find films without porn that some users carry for some reason, but the overwhelming majority are from the porn niche.

Navigation Bar

DaftSex.com has a simple bar, with a search box for you to search for something you like. An internal “hottest” link with the hottest videos recently added, a category tab, a pornstars link. Also we find an external link to theporndude one of the most famous porn site listing site.

On the category tab, when you click on it, you are faced with 32 different categories, which for a huge site like DaftSex are very few, which also wouldn’t interfere much with the site’s navigation if the videos contain tags, which there is not, so that’s It’s a very negative point, but we’ll talk more about the lack of tags later.
On Pornstars as of this writing it is possible to browse over 10000 different actresses. For a better choice DaftSex offers a really satisfying filtering of ethnicity, hair color, body size and age. With so much A-Z pornstars and filtering it was a big plus point here.


This is an unfortunately very negative side of Daftsex site, it’s almost impossible to browse without an adblocker. Every click opens a window with an advertisement, and when closing and clicking again another opens, it’s really very annoying. That’s why we strongly advise is to use some adbloker. Without it you will probably give up before going to the second Daftsex page.

Porn Videos

It’s been said that DaftSex has a lot of video, but now these videos are short, long, good quality, bad quality? So, in this regard you will not be disappointed. The vast majority of Daftsex videos are of HD quality and you can choose the one that best suits your internet. Regarding the duration of the videos, the vast majority are long videos. With the large amount of long videos, you can imagine that Daftsex site would be paid. But no, it’s all really free, you can easily find almost all premium videos from the biggest porn studios.


As mentioned before, DaftSex doesn’t use tags in its videos. Maybe this guarantees some agility when posting the huge amount of videos that are posted daily, and with the gain of time it becomes an advantage for posting more videos to users. But the fact is that without the tags and with the amount of videos that DaftSex contains, users can take a long time to find what they are looking for, even because many videos have their titles in different languages, and often randomly.

Popular Website

There is no denying that DaftSex pleases visitors a lot, as according to similarweb this site receives around 100 million monthly visits. Something really incredible, but it certainly has a lot to improve, especially in relation to spam that are very annoying, but it’s something that will hardly be resolved.